What ever happened to spring cleaning?

Years ago homes were heated with fuel that didn’t burn as cleanly as systems do today. The result was that after being closed up all winter, homes were full of soot, dust, and in general just dirty. Spring cleaning was a necessity. While that isn’t the case anymore, there are tasks that need to be done at least once a year, and spring is a good time to do them. The weather in the spring is ideal for opening up the windows, cleaning the decks, and many other tasks. We often make statements such as, “we need to clean the grill” or “we need to clean the garage.” Sometimes we say these things for years, and still don’t get the tasks done. Setting aside a specific time to do what you want is the first step toward accomplishing your goals. Spring cleaning can be an incentive to set aside a specific date to do the chores you want done.

Some things you might consider doing are:

• clean the grill

• get the pool ready for summer

• clean the children’s summer outside toys

• pack a picnic basket and plan a picnic

• clean the refrigerator

• clean the windows

• thoroughly clean the floors (have the carpet cleaned, mop the wood floors, etc.)

• dust the high-up shelves and ceiling fans

In doing these tasks, take the opportunity to eliminate items you no longer want and decide the best home for your items. Having a designated place for your items will make your life easier when you need to use your things. For example, when you clean the grill, decide the best place to store grill implements or when you clean the children’s summer toys, decide the best to store them.