Yard & Garage Sales

Yard Sale Planning

Without planning and preparation, your first sale could possibly be your last. You truly can make money, but you must put time and effort into the sale. So, if you don’t have the extra time or initiative then let us take on the challenge for you. A week before the sale we will spend time going from room to room together, making sure to open every closet, drawer, and cabinet even looking at your furniture and what’s hanging on the walls. If you no longer use or like the item, put it in your sale pile.

After we have gathered items to one location, we will then help clean and price everything and set the dates for your sale. We will create signage, run an ad in the local newspaper (cost additional). Early morning on the day of your sale, we will set up tables and arrange items for display then you’re ready to go. Remember you will need to be available for the duration of the sale.

After your sales completion we can arrange for the removal of items that did not sell and donate if that is your wish. Help in the clean up or storage if items are being kept.

There are occasions when someone could be available to run the sale for you, just ask. Free Quote plus travel fees, supplies and the cost of advertising (if applicable)