Life Events

Unexpected/Expected Life Events

(4-6 Hour Sessions)

Quite often, there are events, changes or situations in our lives that create more clutter and more of a mess than usual. A family member or roommate moves in or out or maybe there is a brand-new addition to the family are great examples of life events.

One of the most emotional and unexpected events can be the death of a loved one. We can assist you through this troubled time by helping you sort through a loved one’s belongings, organize their home to ready it for sale, all with compassion and understanding. Remember, it took time to acquire all these memories and material things and it takes time to make decisions of what goes, where it goes and with whom.

We can also help the elderly when it has come time to downsize to a smaller home or an apartment. This includes seniors who have become limited in their mobility and need their living space re-organized to accommodate their needs to continue their daily routines.

Is someone coming to your home, maybe an appraiser, a family reunion or, what some might consider the worst-case scenario, your in-laws are coming for a visit. It doesn’t matter what’s prompting your clutter emergency you just need to get your home guest ready. Now! There’s no need to beat yourself up or feel bad because you just don’t have time or ability to get your house in order, but you do need to make that call so we can help you get it done quickly, thoroughly and be ready for whatever surprise may knock on your door.

***The Normal Hourly Rate Applies plus travel fees and supplies