Advisory Consultation

This is a One-Time Consultation available for individuals interested in hearing ideas and recommendations that they intend to accomplish on their own. This Consultation usually takes one-two hours. (See *Consultation Fee). We will provide information about organization ideas, supplies needed; we will discuss what works and what doesn’t. Then together we will determine solutions for your problem areas. The Consultation will be informative, insightful and motivate you to follow through with many of the recommendations made and attain the results you are hoping for on your own.

*Consulting Fee Applies. (Fee is Waived if additional sessions are scheduled)

On-Site Assessment Evaluation

The most important aspect of organizing is just to get started and this is the largest hurdle many must overcome. Sometimes all it takes is someone with experience to help walk through your situation and together determine what meets your needs and your budget. We will travel to your home or business and take a tour of your space and talk in depth about the best way to start and the steps to take to put your house in order. We help create a project list and determine proper storage products during the assessment**. In some instances, we may need to take measurements and pictures for the planning process.

Many clients think they need to get ready for an assessment evaluation, but we ask that you please DO ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!  It’s very important that you don’t clean up or change anything.  We need to see your current habits to help us analyze how you live your daily life and determine what will be the easiest solutions for you.  We will be professional and compassionate, and we can promise we will not be judgmental in any way and there is no need for you to be embarrassed about your surroundings.
This process generally takes two to three hours.  At the end of that time we will schedule additional work sessions or if you’re ready we can begin the same day.  Either way, we will leave you with the action plan that we created together, as well as a list of some of my favorite organizing tips.

**The Assessment Rate Applies plus travel fees (Assessment rate is Waived when additional sessions are scheduled, does not include Travel Fees)