Q. How long does it typically take to organize?

The amount of time it takes to sort, clutter cleansing, and containerize depends on the amount of clutter you have, the size of the area, whether or not the project requires additional services such as construction or specialized installations, and whether or not you want to be involved during the process. We will help you do the physical work in every way possible. It’s not necessary for you to be there but some clients prefer to be involved and see the process in person.


Q. What happens once I begin?

We begin by sorting through your belongings, deciding storage ideas, discarding/donating unwanted items, categorizing, containerizing, and placement of items you have decided to keep. It is important that you are involved in this part of the process; you will not need to be present for the complete implementation, unless you want to be.


Q. What is an organizer?

An Organizer is an individual experienced in hands on organizational projects because they love to do it. Typically organizers feel that the act of dealing with clutter and transforming a messy room into a clean and useful space is a natural talent. Dealing with clutter takes commitment, time and energy. It also lifts a great burden for clients to be able to come home to a de-cluttered home and gives us great satisfaction in knowing we were a part of our clients’ happiness.


Q. What are the benefits of getting organized?

Getting organized increases productivity and can eliminate unnecessary stress and helps individuals find more time and energy for the things they really like to do. A cluttered home or work space increases our feelings of frustration, anxiety and can even lead to depression. It makes a space seem small, inefficient and unwelcome. Attaining an organized atmosphere increases self-esteem and invokes pride in yourself and your home.


Q. Will I need to purchase organization products?

Some clients already have much of what may be needed to complete their project and get the results they wish to attain. However, the majority of the time additional products are needed to give you the best system for your needs. In these situations, we may shop for them together or we will shop for you. The cost of these products is additional to the hourly rate, but there will be no travel cost involved. Have a question not covered here? Please let us know, we will be happy to answer all inquiries.


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