Free Phone Assessment: This assessment lasts approximately 15-30 minutes. We will ask several questions regarding your organizing needs, your current resources, time and availability, and what budget you had in mind. This ensures that the services we offer are the right ones for you.

Advisory Consultation: This is a One-Time Consultation available for the individual interested in only hearing ideas and recommendations for solutions that he/she intends to accomplish on their own. This Consultation usually takes one-two hours. (See *Consultation Fee). We will provide as much information about organization ideas as possible; we will discuss what works and what doesn't. Then together we will determine solutions for your problem areas. The Consultation will be informative, insightful and motivate you to follow through with many of the recommendations made and attain the results you are hoping for on your own.
*Consulting Fee Applies. (Fee is Waived if additional sessions are scheduled)

On-Site Assessment Evaluation: The most important aspect of organizing is just to get started and this is the largest hurdle many must overcome, yet sometimes all it takes is someone with experience to help talk through your situation and together determine what meets your needs and your budget. We will travel to your home or business and take a tour of your space and talk in depth about the best place to start and the steps to take to put your house in order, including a project list and proper storage products. In some instances we may need to take measurements and pictures for the planning process.

Many clients think they need to get ready for an assessment evaluation but we ask that you please DO ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!  It's very important that you don't clean up or change anything.  We need to see your current habits to help me analyze how you live your daily life and determine what will be the easiest solutions for you.  We will be professional and compassionate and we can promise we will not be judgmental in any way and there is no need for you to be embarrassed about your surroundings.
This process generally takes two to three hours.  At the end of that time we will schedule additional work sessions or if you’re ready we can begin the same day.  Either way, we will leave you with the action plan that we created together, as well as a list of some of my favorite organizing tips.
**The Assessment Rate Applies plus travel fees (Assessment rate is Waived when additional sessions are scheduled, does not include Travel Fees)

Home Organizing

Clutter Cleaning Support: (4-6 Hour Sessions) During a clutter cleansing support session, we will physically help you sort and temporarily containerize your items, then give you suggestions and ideas so you can organize and store them at your own will. If this sounds like what you need we could schedule a clutter cleansing over the phone without a consultation. This option will allow you to do your own shopping for the types of containers and storage tools that we will recommend after the clutter cleansing. It's also a great option for people preparing to move out of their home or for the person who just wants to discard unwanted items or Donate (instead of Sell) for those not interested in having yard sales. The final decision whether or not to keep an item will be yours and yours alone. If you do decide to have a sale, you should commit to donating everything that doesn't sell to a local charity and we can make arrangements to remove these items for you.

***The Normal Hourly Rate Applies plus travel fees and supplies

Room to Room Clutter Cleansing: (4-6 Hour Sessions) We arrive with motivation, helping hands and a get it done attitude to ensure your goals that have been discussed are realized. During our organizing sessions, we will work together revising or modifying along the way if necessary. Sessions will be scheduled at a pace that works for you. A session can be schedule for a single room or a whole house de-cluttering attack. We are here to encourage you and help determine what stays, what goes, and where it all ends up. Standing in a basement for example cluttered with a lifetime of memories becomes very daunting and many people have trouble even knowing where to begin.
Working alongside you, we will guide you through the process, making it both fun and manageable. This same approach applies to any room in your home. We organize any size area from stacks of mail, kitchen countertops & cabinets, family/living rooms, home offices, bedrooms, closets, attics, garages, basements or toys. No space is off limits.
***The Normal Hourly Rate Applies plus travel fees and supplies

Moving & Relocating

Set-Up a new home or prep to move: (4-6 Hour Sessions) The thought of unpacking and organizing a new home can be overwhelming, but imagine walking in the front door to find the boxes unpacked and your belongings organized. We will quickly transform your new house into an organized, inviting home by unpacking the boxes, putting everything away, breaking down boxes and removing them from the premise. This helps you get back to a normal routine as soon as possible. As far as packing up your whole house this is what clients consider a close second in the “I would rather not have to do it” category. Together we will sort through your belongings, inventory and label then discard old items saving yourself space for the move and ensuring a smoother transition once you have arrived at your new home.
***The Normal Hourly Rate Applies plus travel fees and supplies

Life Events

Unexpected Life Events: (4-6 Hour Sessions) Quite often, there are events, changes or situations in our lives that create more clutter and more of a mess than usual. A family member or roommate moves in or out or maybe there is a brand new addition to the family are great examples of life events. One of the most emotional and unexpected events can be the death of a loved one. We can assist you through this troubled time by helping you sort through a loved one’s belongings, organize their home to ready it for sale, all with compassion and understanding. Remember, it took time to acquire all these memories and material things and it takes time to make decisions of what stays, what goes, where to and with whom, and then it takes time to let go of the items once the decision's are made. We can also help the elderly when it has come time to downsize to a smaller home or a apartment. This includes seniors who have become limited in their mobility and need their living space re-organized to accommodate their needs to continue their daily routines. ***The Normal Hourly Rate Applies plus travel fees and supplies

Office & Storage

Functional Work Space: (4-6 Hour Sessions) This can be a Home Office, Craft Room, and Garage work area, anywhere that needs attention or a complete makeover. Don’t let clutter distract you from your business or your hobbies you love any longer. We can help you set up effective systems in your office/work space so you don’t waste another minute and can get back to business and get back to what you do best. Imagine a clutter free desk or a filing system that allows you to easily find information you need in a moment’s notice. Dreaming of that perfectly organized and assessable Craft Room where everything is in its place and ready for you to start your next project. It can be a reality!
***The Normal Hourly Rate Applies plus travel fees and supplies

Storage/Supply Area/Archives: (4-6 Hour Sessions) Some clients have specific Storage needs whether at work or at home. There may be a Storage building you cannot walk into due to all the clutter. There may be a room at work where files are archived that has become a nightmare to try and find anything in? We will help transform these chaotic spaces back into highly functional and easily maintainable areas. These areas will become organized and labeled so you can quickly find anything you need, readily see what supplies are needed and know exactly where to put new items when they arrive!
***The Normal Hourly Rate Applies plus travel fees and supplies


Company Coming?: (2-4 Hour Sessions) Is someone coming to your house, perhaps a friend finally stopped taking no from you for an answer to visit, or maybe an appraiser's coming over so you can refinance or, what some might consider the worst case scenario, your in-laws are coming for a visit. It doesn't matter what's prompting your clutter emergency you just need to get your home guest-ready. Now! It may not be the first time either. You've tried the infamous stash and dash, shoving the clutter into bags and boxes, and then cramming them into closets or under the bed which in turn creates a bigger problem down the road. There's no need to make things worse, beat yourself up or feel bad but you do need to make that single call so we can help you minimize this type of frenzy in the future.
***The Normal Hourly Rate Applies plus travel fees and supplies

Yard & Garage Sales

Yard Sale Planning: (Ask for a Quote) Without planning and preparation, your first sale could possibly be your last. You truly can make money but you must put time and effort into the sale. So, if you don’t have the time to devote to the sale or if you don’t have the initiative let us take on the challenge for you. A week before the sale together we will spend time going from room to room, making sure to open every closet, drawer, and cabinet in the room even looking at your furniture and what’s hanging on the walls. If you no longer use or like the item, put it in your sale pile.

After we have gathered items to one location, we will then price everything and determine the dates for the sale. We will create signage, run an ad in the local newspaper (cost additional) schedule a charity to pick up the stuff that doesn’t sell or we can drop it all off for you after the sale. We will set up tables and arrange items for display then you’re ready to go. Remember you will need to be available for the duration of the sale.
(There are occasions when someone will be available to run the sale for you, just ask)
Free Quote plus travel fees, supplies and the cost of advertising (if applicable)

Special Occasions

Special Events (Decorating & Clean-Up): (2-4 Hour Sessions) Too busy to decorate your home for the holidays or is someone having a birthday or other special occasion? We can either help you decorate with your current decorations; or if needed we can recommend solutions, shop for you and handle the details of the physical side of your party decorating needs. Tell us what you like; your ideas, and what your budget is and we will go shopping for you or with you! We also help you clean up after the event and if needed we will put it back in such a way that it will be quick and easy to set up for your next event. We have years of experience in creating unique and memorable settings for parties along with specialized skills in designing wedding favors, centerpieces, flower arrangements, and even themed party schemes. We can assist you or handle completely any size event you are planning from a Babies 1st birthday to a 50th Anniversary or even your next backyard Luau or office party.
***The Normal Hourly Rate Applies plus travel fees and supplies

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